Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Are What We Read

They say,
we are what we eat.
I say,
we are what we read.

Think for a moment.
List all you have read
this past week.

Your list tells about
your work
your home
your family
your friends
your worries
your dreams
your hobbies
your passions
your compassion.
Your list tells about you.

I say,
we are
what we read.
We read to live.

-Lorraine Wilson, Australian Literacy Educator

What I have read (so far) this week:

  • The Detroit Free Press newspaper; particularly enjoyed a column by Laura Veron Brown about our lack of criticism for Obama (warning, this may lead to a future blog post for me)
  • Email (many), but especially from a friend who’s concerned about her five-month-old daughter’s upcoming heart surgery
  • Began novel, A Room With a View by E. M. Forster
  • Facebook status updates
  • Interesting blog about using technology in the classroom: Online Safety and Responsibility by a 21st Century Literacy Specialist teaching in Thailand
  • Screaming for Speed, an article which details the science behind roller coasters
  • Started The Blue Parakeet, a book about rethinking how you read the Bible
  • Interesting Wall Street Journal article asking College/University Presidents to write their own admissions essay

So, I wonder what my list says about me? What have you read this week? What would your list say about you?


  1. Based on what I read this week I am a private detective that lives on a houseboat in the Caribbean!

  2. Ooohhhh, is your houseboat open for guests?

    Wait, it's not a murder-mystery is it?!