Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice

This quotation rings true to me since right now, I'm blogging about my life, my interests and my work. This is a form of chronicling my life and what is going on with me. I was resistant to blogging because I wondered who would care about the details of my life, my rambling thoughts, silly anecdotes and simple musings. I don't know that I fully agree with the quotation though. I thought this whole blogging thing would be a breeze. I'd just have tons of ideas and thoughts and crank out these witty posts several times a week. Well....that's not exactly the case. These profound (ha!) posts don't just come flowing easily from my brain. I've been carrying around a notebook jotting down ideas, thoughts, quotations, etc. I think this is timely since I encourage my students to keep a writer's notebook.

So, we've established that I don't find life easy to chronicle, now let's look at the second part of the quotation: "bewildering to practice." Yep, I agree with that part. Life is bewildering. Just when you think you've figured something out, there is a twist. Just when you've learned the system, it changes. Just when you have a plan, there's a shift. I'm sure the perfectionist in me would like to MASTER life, but isn't that part of the fun? Learning about life? The bumps along the way? The bewilderment we experience?

Yes, let's go out and seize the moment. Let's be bewildered by life - together. Anyone care to join me?

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  1. awww...i miss you. i am getting excited about GG