Friday, May 1, 2009

Crying in public not encouraged

This afternoon, I went to the salon to have my hair cut. As usual, I took a book with me to read while waiting. Sometimes I just read a magazine the salon provides, but I was near the end of my most recent book, so I decided to take my book with me. Right now I'm reading Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat.

Now when one begins a book such as this, one knows that the animal eventually dies. I KNEW that Dewey Readmore Books would die near the end of the book. I had been preparing myself. I was in the salon, under the dryer quietly reading my book and of course, it was near the end of sweet Dewey's life. I knew I shouldn't be emotional over a cat in a book, so I was trying to hold it together. I tried to distract myself and started looking around the salon. I thought I was hiding it well until an assistant came up to me to see if I needed anything. I guess I wasn't hiding it well. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't sobbing or anything. But that darn cat was so cute, I hated to hear about him passing away. That might be the last time I take a book to the salon. In the future I should probably just stick to the fashion magazines the salon provides.


  1. omg - that's so funny! stick to chick-lit for the salon?! were you crying so hard your nose was running? just checking.

  2. No, not crying that hard. I didn't actully let tears escape, just got choked up and had tears in my eyes. The dumb part is when you read those books, you KNOW the animal dies...just like with Marley and Me or The Art of Racing in the Rain. Cried at those too.