Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals: Update for 2011

The last day of  2011 and it’s time to do a goals progress update.  How did I do?  Did I reach my goals? 

1.    Get published.
Well, I feel like a broken record:  rejected again.  After a major rewrite of the article, we sent it to an International Reading Association publication and were rejected.  (With some pretty harsh comments from one of the reviewers, I might add.)  We’re at a little bit of a stand-still right now.  Do we lower our standards and try for publication in a state journal instead of a national journal?  Do we do another re-write?  Do we give up?

2.    Read more books.  (Goal of 50 in 2011)
Fifty-nine!  I’ve read 59 books this year.  Even if you take out the six picture books, I still exceeded the goal!  Here’s a graphic of my reading history for the past three years:

I still have a few reviews to write and post from books I’ve read in the past week.  I hope to get those up the first week of January.

3.    Blog more often.  (Goal of three times per month)
Ugh, I slipped up on this one and only blogged twice in November!  I made it for ten months either meeting or exceeding three posts per month, but blew it in November.  However, I had 56 posts this year and if you AVERAGE my posts for the year, it’s 4.66 per month.  So, I’d say that’s still a success!

That’s it for 2011!  I’m still thinking of my 2012 goals and have an idea of my One Little Word too!  More on that soon.

Happy New Year!

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