Friday, April 15, 2011

Personal Learning Network

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about personal and professional growth - MY personal and professional growth. In a previous job, all staff participated in DuFour’s Professional Learning Communities (PLC). In my current job, we participate in Carroll’s Learning Teams. Both allow for collaboration, observation and professional growth all while focusing on improving student learning. As a Literacy Instructional Coach, I often facilitate these sessions and collaboration groups. I spend a good deal of time thinking about others’ professional growth, what other people need and how I can provide and connect the resources to meet others’ needs. However, where does that leave my own professional growth?

This has led me to the idea to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) for my own growth and development. While many of my professional needs can be met through job-embedded PLCs and Learning Teams, some of my professional interests are not addressed. As such, creating a PLN will allow me to tailor a learning model to those areas which interest me most while widening my network outside of my school (and district and state, for that matter).

I have an exciting idea to launch my PLN and would love to have others involved. Won’t you consider joining my little network?

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