Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Little Word, 2012

So I’m not the New Year’s resolution type.  Really, I’m not.  I know that comes as a surprise to those who know me since I’m “Type A” and goal-oriented and all.  I’ve just never gotten into resolutions.  However last year, I was reading some of my blogs (like this one) and noticed that folks were choosing a word of the year - a word to live by or to live for or to live up to.  I liked this idea, so I came up with a word, or rather, a word found me.  My word for 2011 was flexibility.

Remember when I said I was “type A”?  Well, that doesn’t really make one flexible.  I was in a new job and things were quite reactive instead of proactive and I was having a difficult time adjusting and finding my happy place.  So, when several months into the job, the word flexible found me, it was PERFECT.  I needed to learn to be less rigid; to let things go; to take things less seriously; to stress less.  I applied this in my personal life as well.  My husband and I went away for the weekend with nothing but hotel reservations.  I hadn’t planned the whole trip out or done a ton of research; we just arrived and found stuff to do.  The one area of flexibility I didn’t work on (but should have) is physical flexibility.  You know when you take those fitness assessments at the gym and they tell you your body age vs. your real age?  Well, I stink at the flexibility part.  Actually, my score is poor!  So, I should have worked on that, but I didn’t.  My loss, or rather my hamstrings’ loss.

On to 2012!  I’ve been thinking for weeks about my word and tossed around some possibilities.  But the word that found me is blessing.  According to

1.  the act or words of a person who blesses.
2.  a special favor, mercy, or benefit: the blessings of liberty.
3.  a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.
4.  the invoking of God's favor upon a person: The son was denied his father's blessing.
5. praise; devotion; worship, especially grace said before a meal:  The children took turns 
reciting the blessing.

I’m thinking of counting my blessings and being more appreciative and thankful for them all.  I’m thinking to try and be a blessing to others with my speech and actions.  I’m thinking of using my faith to appreciate the blessings from above with my thoughts, speech and deeds.

Here’s my first example, January 2 found me back at work while the majority of the country enjoyed a federal holiday.  Instead of being bitter, I acknowledged that there are many out there without a job and I should feel blessed that I GET to go to work every day!

So, we’ll see how it goes, my year of the blessings!  What words are speaking to you?!

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