Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Web 2.0 and you (and your students)

I sit on my school and district’s technology committee and see a clear divide between those who want to regulate (read: clamp down on) technology and those who want to use technology as a teaching and learning tool. As you can guess, I fall into the second camp. I want to empower students to use web 2.0 tools for learning, as a way of expressing themselves, as an outlet for authentic audiences. I believe it is an educator’s responsibility to teach students to use these tools responsibly and appropriately and become good digital citizens.

Have you and your students thought about your digital footprint on the web? What trail are you leaving for others to follow? Do your students have an academic presence online? Are they posting and commenting on blogs of an academic nature? If a college admissions officer Googles your student, what will he find? Speaking of which, have you Googled yourself?!

So in this New Year, I ask you, where do you live on the web and where do you visit? When you look at the answer to that question, does it show your interests, priorities and passions?

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